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Recorded in L'isle D'Abeau train station (France) by Jesus On The Moon in May 2011.
Mixed by Justin Lorentz

Sing by Matthieu Windey & Justin Lorentz
Guitars by Matthieu Windey & Rémi François
Saxo by Philippe Petitcolin
Bass by Justin Lorentz
Drums by Aymeric Hoppennot


released September 15, 2011

Jesus On The Moon is Aymeric Hoppenot, Justin Lorentz, Matthieu Windey, Philippe Petitcolin and Rémi François.
"About Us" and "Lost Generation" composed by Justin Lorentz.
"Surrender" composed by Matthieu Windey.
"Pictures" composed by Rémi François, lyrics by Justin Lorentz.



all rights reserved


JESUS ON∫THE MOON La Bridoire, France

Parce qu’il est nourri par des influences musicales variées, Jesus On The Moon se définit comme un groupe de rock lunaire, une face qui se dévoile derrière des éclats de rock psychédélique, des réminiscences de pop, un zest de jazz et des sauts à pied joints dans l’improvisation ou dans la poésie. Lunaire il l’est aussi en référence à son nom et au désarroi qu’il voue à la gravité. ... more

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Track Name: Surrender
Hey man, do you want to change your job
Stop to be subjected to your boss
Throw your keys and this depressive woman
Switch off the TV and change your mind

Well I know life is enough hard for you
But do you wonder if there something better elsewhere

Hey girl your make up is running down your face
You should leave this moron who beat you
Even your diet puts you under stress
Just take your bike and light a cigarette

Well I know money still is a problem
But there won’t be any bank in your coffin

Hey Kid, let’s make the most of this day
Play with your friends before they became adults
Don’t be ashamed if sometimes you wet the bed
And don’t wait so much to get plastered

Well I know you seem to be in a hurry
But take your time to draw some dreams
And all of you take a deep breathe
Then enjoy the sunshine before the surrender
Track Name: About Us
Can you tell me
For a man like me
How strong could it be
With a girl like you
And every nights and every days
I wonder how long you can hold me
My suns are over
Peaceful forever until…
Track Name: Pictures
And I packed all my luggages
But I can’t see where I go
And I dreamed of something better
But I forget it years ago

My life is turnin’
I dont want it turns away

All my days are just the same
And all my pictures are falling
All my friends growing too fast
But I’m stuck with my old fears
Oh please help me I can’t be
Oh please help me I can’t see

My life is turnin
I dont want it turns away
Track Name: Lost Generation
Come on my friends,
You know what all this mean
It’s time to understand
Because we know what’s going on
Come on you, brothers,
Oh can’t you hear ?
Governement left us
& Society rejects us
and we are alone,
all together

we are a lost generation
in war, we can’t win
in a world we can’t reach,
a lost generation